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Recent Entries 
6th-Aug-2036 12:01 am - 1 之巻 友人だけ

This is my personal journal, which means it's 100% Friends only!
If you can read more entries than this means I accepted you as an LJ friend.
If not, you might become one.

Each entry is about me and my life, no matter to what extend.
I expect everyone who reads my entries to keep what you have read for yourself.
No matter if there's one of your friends added as an LJ friend here as well.
I'm using custom groups a lot and the other one
might not be able to read this certain entry.

By requesting to be my friend you accept this!

We also should share several interests which usually include Japanese Rock
music, especially Visual Kei, even though it isn't a must.

Tell me who you are, where you know me from and why I should add you.
I won't add you back, if you don't tell me,
because I'm not willing to search for facts about you.
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